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Blast-Mate, Jr. ™

Percussion Shroud
Thread Protector

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In an effort to perfect the intended lawful use and ownership by purchasers of oil & fuel filter adapters (oil filter solvent traps), this inexpensive thread protector was designed to perform as a Percussion Shroud/Blast Re-director. The Blast-Mate, Jr ™ Percussion Shroud comes in the most common size ( 13/16"-16 ) and works with all Solvent Trap Adapters regardless of who makes them or where you buy them

a "Must Have" for all Solvent Trap Owners!

BLAST-MATE, Jr ™ Percussion Shroud

Blast-Mate, Jr
Works with all Solvent Trap Thread Adapters of the same size regardless of where purchased

only $12.99 ea Available Sizes

  •     13/16-16 Blast-Mate, Jr Percussion Shroud

Blast-Mate, Jr on hand gun
Blast-Mate, Jr on hand gun

  • Blast-Mate, Jr. ™ works to concentrate the Blast directionally forward
  • CNC'd and knurled to perfection from industrial steel
  • Gun Barrel Black MagPhosphate finished (oil as you would your barrel)
  • Fits all 13/16-16 SAE Thread adapters and those designed for oil/fuel filters
  • Does not reduce the db's of the blast

Why Is This a Good Idea? ...
  • Use on the range for courteous neighborly percussion reduced shooting
  • The Blast-Mate, Jr ™ when paired with oil/fuel filter thread adapters broadens the adapter's lawful use and ownership
  • Blast-Mate, Jr ™ is legal and when paired with the thread adapter makes the thread adapter an integral part of the Blast-Mate, Jr. ™ The whole assembly becomes a PERCUSSION SHROUD/BLAST RE-DIRECTOR which now doubles as an oil/fuel filter adapter
  • A perfect Thread Protector for oil/fuel filter thread adapters

  • (1) Blast-Mate, Jr ™ MagPhosphate Thread Protector (percussion shroud/blast re-director)

Photos of Blast-Mate, Jr ™ being demonstrated
with available oil/fuel filter thread adapters

Blast-Mate, Jr ™ 1 Blast-Mate, Jr ™ 2 Blast-Mate, Jr ™ 3
Blast-Mate, Jr ™ 4 Blast-Mate, Jr ™ 5 Blast-Mate, Jr ™ 6

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