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Terms of Service Policies


I. Shipping Territories

American Tactical Manufacturing Company (ATMC.US) a wholey owned Paramount Finance, LLC (a Florida LLC) company, will ship to all US territories directly serviced by the US Postal Service (USPS). Any offshore or International shipping must be cleared beforehand. Not all of our products are available for International shipping and shall be approved at our sole discretion and no other. We reserve the right to refuse anyone for any reason.

II. Purchase Venue

We agree to sell our products and you agree to purchase our products from a location we designate that is not of the same State as your shipping address. You are solely responsible for any taxes (payment and/or reporting) within your purchasing or shipping location. As a service, We agree to ship your purchase to a destination of your choice (not withstanding #1 above). It is your responsibility to verify any product purchased from our facility is lawful to possess and use as intended in the designated "ship to" location of your choosing. All products we sell are lawful to be manufactured, bought, sold and for use as intended from any of our shipping locations.

We authorize and accept your use of an electronic means (i.e. Internet, Fax, Web, Telecommunications, etc) to convey your purchase request to us. We have no way to verify your physical location at the time you convey an order to us, and that you have efficiently chosen an electronic means to convey your order saving you time and money. We hereby accept your electronic request with honor and respect to accomplish good customer service and achieve expediency.

III. Payments Accepted

We accept all major credit and debit cards (Master Card, Visa Card, Amercian Express, and Discover) - we use PayPal.com and Square.com to process these payments. No Paypal or Square account is needed to use your credit or Debit card when using our Shopping Cart Check-Out.

We accept direct payments from PayPal and Square for those who prefer to use those accounts.

We accept personal, business or cashiers checks drawn on major intersate Banks (no local banks or Credit Unions please). We accept USPS Money Orders (no others please). We reserve the right to refuse and return any of these forms of payment (ie suspicious money orders or cashiers checks - it happens). We reserve the right for any payment device to fully clear before shipping.

Buyers hereby agree to expeditiously cooperate with us and your Banking/Credit Card Company's request to verify any purchase(s) made from our site. Your credit card statement will generally display "Paramount Finance" (or to that effect) on line items attributable to a purchase made from our site(s).

IV. Hold Harmless

Buyer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless ATMC.US, Paramount Finance Group, LLC, it's owners and employees from Municipal, State or Federal agency claims pertaining to the misuse of our products. Buyer also agrees to indemnify and hold harmless ATMC.US, Paramount Finance Group, LLC, it's owners and employees from Municipal, State or Federal agency claims pertaining to the unlawful possession of our products based on current or changing local Municipal, State or Federal ordinance of law. It is buyer's responsibility to maintain knowledge of lawful possession and dispose of (as may be determined by the proper authority) any products that are or become a violation of Municipal, State or Federal laws.

V. Liability

CAVEAT EMPTOR - you are solely responsible for the installation, adjustment(s), maintenance, purchase and safe and lawful use of products and your weapon. ATMC.US, its owners, shareholders, suppliers, and any other affiliated with product distribution or manufacturing (not an all inclusive list), shall not be held liable whatsoever and you agree to the "Hold Harmless" clause above. Our product liabilty is limited to strict product replacement or refund ONLY at our discretion and choosing and none other.

VI. Changes to the General Terms of Service Policies

The Terms and Service Policies that are applicable in any circumstance are those that are in effect at the time of use. All Changes to the Terms and Service Policies will be posted herein.

VII. Legal jurisdiction and address for service

This agreement is governed by the the State Laws of Florida. All parties agree that Florida is Venue. The address for service is Paramount Finance Group, LLC (A Florida LLC) Registered Agents Office as filed with the Dept of State.

VIII. Severability Clause

In the event that one or more provisions of these Terms and Service Policies are deemed wholly or partially invalid, the remaining portions and provisions shall remain in full force and effect. Any provision that is invalid shall be replaced with a provision that is as similar as possible to and best meets the intended purpose of the invalid provision.

IX. Act of Purchase is Proof of Consent

Any purchase from us is evidence that you hereby consent and agree to the Terms and Conditions of this document rendering the same equivalent to an executed agreement of these terms and condition to be in full force an effect upon us both.